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Audi - Elsa 6.0

Repair manuals
Price: 149 USD
Date: 3/2017
Language: German
Region: Europe
Operating system: WinXP, Win2000
Disk amount: 1 CD 1 DVD-DL

Audi Elsa 6.0 electronic information system of service enterprise - dealer information base on preliminary treatment and car repairs Audi and Volkswagen contains the detailed and full description of technology of repair, service, preliminary treatment, wiring schemes, кузовные works, the catalogue of spare parts for guarantee replacement, e.t.c.

In base cars of 1947-2017 years of manufacture are considered. The full information on repair of the Audi and a Volkswagen is presented basically on cars 1986-2017, wiring diagrams 1992-2017.

Completely the information is presented in German language.

Base ELSAWin contains following basic sections:

Maintenance Manual - the description of service intervals of service and the maintenance of the service works, conveniently allocated on systems of the car. For each type of service works the necessary special tool and the equipment is underlined. Specifications, and also methods of check of those or other parameters are resulted. Carrying out of all works is explained by qualitative illustrations;

Body Repair - the description кузовных works, the recommendation on editing separate parts of a body, body dimensions and so forth;

Workshop Manual - the basic радел on repair and preliminary treatment - an arrangement of identification data, features of the device of separate gears, specifications of various parameters (volumes of refueling capacities, wheel alignment angles and so forth), The used diagnostic both repair equipment and the special tool, the description of works on assembly, disassembly, resetting, repair and preliminary treatment, the information on an arrangement of components and gears and so forth is concrete for the diagnostician the following information contains: an arrangement of a diagnostic socket, detailed tables of decodings of codes of failures with the instruction of the possible reasons of failure, symptoms, and also sequences of checks for elimination of failure, the description of the maintenance of read out blocks of current parameters with the instruction{indication} of normative values, work with ports of adaptation and so forth the Information in section is broken into blocks: gearbox, body, brake system, electrical system, engine, heater, radio, telephone, navigation, running gear and so forth;

Emission test - special section on check of ecological parameters of the car - the visual control, specifications CO/CH/lambda, parameters of candles, temperatures of the engine, idle running, an ignition advance;

Current Flow Diagrams - wiring diagrams on all systems of the car.

Elsa contains the documentation on service and following information programs:

The Catalogue of working positions
The Catalogue of codes of failures
Manual on technical equipment of service
Manual on technical equipment of service
Schemes of an electrical equipment
Check of toxicity ОГ
The Repair manual
Inspection service and care
Tables of inspection service
Individual instructions on the car

In new versions of program ELSA Audi and Volkswagen add the information not only on new, but also on old cars.

For full installation of program Audi VW ELSA the hard disk with file system NTFS is required.

By means of interface Audi VW - ETKA fast access is provided to numbers of spare parts.

So, for example, for a call of number certain spare parts, being in the information program "Repair manual", it is necessary to press pictogram ETKA. After that catalogue ETKA with automatic transition to page with number demanded spare parts will be opened.

Noticed conflicts Elsa:

If at you wiring diagrams do not show, install program Adobe SVGVView from an adjusting disk.


Reductions the Explanation / the maintenance
ABS Antiblocking system
ADK System of maintenance of a distance
ADR the Automatic adjustment of a distance
AEM Adaptive model of movement on one strip
Constant supervision over the car, including at a stable manner of driving. It allows to react quickly at a course deviation.
AH the Dealer enterprise
AKF the Absorber
AMAS Steering of addresses
AP the Working position
API the Current information on a product
The instructions{indications}, concerning{touching} possible{probable} problems, innovations (video, etc.)
The catalogue of working positions Working positions
Kinds of works, time units
ASC Audi Service Circle - Service cycle Audi
AU Check of toxicity ОГ
AVUS Automatic system of updating Vaudis
AZ Working hours

BA the Maintenance manual
BA the Indicator of loading
The general{common} list of the details which have become{begun} by the reasons of failures, replaced by partners VW in any country of the world, now on one № The supplier: nn.nnn/00, for the last month according to number spare parts VW.
BA Professional academy
BD the Maintenance manual
BK the Concept of the enterprise
The software which the dealer can establish{install} at itself.
BTAC Basic Technical Architecture Concept
The concept of the enterprise at the international level

CAN Controller Area Network
Network for communication{connection} of control packages of the car
CARPORT the Database on cars
CarPort is a central database in which the information on cars for service department is stored{kept}
CCC Customer Care Center
Service center of clients supported{maintained} by the manufacturer
CCF Car Center Fachmarkt - the Specialized market of cars
CICSA Operational system of greater{big} computers
The black screen, green font, in it{her} works, for example, PESOS
COP Carry-over-parts
Installation{Refitting} of got details on various types of cars inside of concern VW (for example, on model VW, SEAT, AUDI and SKODA)
CPIS Central Partner Network
The computer network of all dealers, automatic direction of the message in the centralized system about what components Drops/Vaudis/Elsa/ServiceNet are established{installed}
CPN Central Partner Network
The closed site of a network to which dealers Volkswagen have access all. The interface about the intranet
CSS Customer Satisfaction Survey
New technique of the analysis of a degree of satisfaction of clients Volkswagen AG

DBC Data Broadcast
Satellite data transmission
DDS Diesel Diebstahl Sicherung - Anticreeping protection of diesel-engined cars
DIAS System of the information and calculations with debtors
DISS Direkt Informationssystem Service
Independent{Do-it-yourself} source of information ElsaWin with an opportunity of a call from SAGA2. not solved problems are coded under the scheme{plan} of inquiry (the car, a symptom) and go in WOB.
DLS the Electronic adjuster of idle running
DMS Dealer Management System
System of the operative account, in Germany basically VAUDIS
DOSYS Translation{Transfer} of system Holz
Holz for importers
DS КП with a direct gear shift
DSP the Digital acoustic package
DWA the Anti-theft system

EA Expert Advisor
System of support of dealers IS
EBV the Electronic adjuster of distribution of brake forces
EDC the Electronic control system of the diesel engine
EDI Elektronic Data Interchange - Electronic system of data exchange
EDS Electronic blocking of differential
EH the Dealer network
EIS System of the information on spare parts
ELFI Electronic system of identification of the car
The chassis number goes, the information on a complete set (for and/m, since Golf V it is possible{probable} 100 % the inquiry) back comes, is built in system ELSA
ELSA Electronic help system on service
How to repair?
ELWIS Electronic information system of service shop
EPS Electrical Power Steering
Electromechanical steering steering{control} with the electric servomotor working according to established{installed} parameters and supporting{maintaining} a drag torque set by the driver to turning movement{turn}
ERWIN Electronic help system on repair for service stations
ELSA for the enterprises, not being dealers VW and Audi
ESBS the Expanded system of stabilization of braking
ESP Electronic system of maintenance of a road-holding ability
ET spare part
ETKA the Electronic catalogue of spare parts
Has come in the stead of microfilms
EVA Electronic system of support of sales

FFB Remote control
FISH Individual instructions{indications} on service of the car
Depend on entered VIN-number. Component ELSA
FISKU System of registration of calculations and the control over service department
FISS System of the fast information search, entered by dealers
Claims of clients, results of preliminary treatment in shop
FSI Fuel Stratified Injection (level-by-level смесеобразование)

GeKo Protection of the classified information and components
GH Wholesale trade
GPS System of global positioning
GRA Automatic regulation of speed
GTR the Premise{Room} for storage of the details which have been removed{which have been taken off} on guarantee VK-21, a hall 18
The standard address for sending by dealers of the details which have become{begun} by the reason of failure
GW the Guarantee

HBA the Hydraulic brake assistant
HC Hotline Channel
The knowledge base / the decision of problems
HDF Remote unlocking of a boot lid
Holz Access of dealers to a mode online
HOT-server the Server dealer the enterprises (satellite communication)
HSO the Management{Manual} on the organization of service
The description of internal processes at the enterprise
HST the Management{Manual} on technics{technical equipment} of service
The engineering specifications for dealers see TPL
HVV System of an emergency brake application of rear wheels
Actively raises{increases} pressure in brake circuits of rear wheels up to a range of regulation ABS

IGG the Management{Manual} " Inspection service and leaving{care} "
IRЬ Protection of interior{passenger compartment}
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network - the Digital network of complex service
iTV Interactive TV

KB Servicing
KD Service department
KDB the Adviser of service
KDL Service-manager
KI Кузовной repair
KL the Artificial leather{skin}
KSB the Accelerator of cold start-up
K [amp] L Кузовные and painting works

LDE Low Dynamik ESP
The given system can interfere at the slightest deviations{rejections} during braking
LFR the Fuel-control unit idling
LIVAS the Control system of the engineering specifications
Repair manuals, systems of text search
LPB the Head of a department of support of production
LST the Head of a department of technics{technical equipment} of service
LWR the Corrector of headlights

MBV the Description of models for dealers
MES Representation of model on service
MFA the Multipurpose display
MFD the Multipurpose display
MIS Month in Service (computer system of the analysis of guarantee cases)
The module the Complex{Difficult} unit carrying out special function and adapted for concrete general{common} system
MOP Month in Service (computer system of the analysis of guarantee cases)
MOVE Steering{Control} of multimedia object
MPI Multi Point Injektion - the Distributed{Allocated} injection
MSR Regulation of a twisting moment of the engine (traction control)

NMW Nonmetallic materials
NOLIS System of the information under standards in a mode online
NORA the consumers not connected with the organization which are having the right of the discount
NSC the Service center of commercial cars

OHB-V the Optimized hydraulic booster of brakes
OTC the Center of original spare parts

PASS Help system on service-packages (standard kinds of repair)
PB Support of production
PROFI the Information on production
Improvement and improvement of system of the fast information search entered by dealers (FISS)

QS Maintenance of quality
QTS System of maintenance of quality, system of tracking of quality of spare parts
All data on repair
Quasi-Fi Information system for the analysis of the data acting from dealers, for example, of data on a guarantee, послегарантийной to support and repair, and also urgent messages from systems FISS and PROFI

RDK the Control of an air pressure over tires
RDS Radio Data System - System of data transmission on a radio channel
RECALL Actions{Shares} on a response
REGAL System of registration регрессных requirements to suppliers
RESERVE the Reference{Manipulation} on service for performance of repair
All data on repair
RL the Repair manual
RNS Radionavigating system
RPF Сажевый the filter
RSC Regional service-center
RT the Payer
RTA Inquiry of a radiocode транспондера
RVS Computer system
RWS the Cleaner of a rear screen

SAGA System of registration of orders and applications for compensation of expenses on a guarantee
Registration of compensation of expenses on a guarantee and послегарантийной to support
SAM Service Auto-Mat/service and more
SAZ Self-generated norms{rates} of time
Advanced system APOS
SDI the Diesel engine with a free admission{intake} and direct injection of fuel
SEP Process of system engineering
SG the Control package
SGW System of the signalling about непристегнутом a seat belt
SL Service-manager
SLP the Scheme{Plan} of an electrical equipment
SNA Automatics with use of inertia of a flywheel
SNK the Catalogue of codes of failures
SRA the Inquiry, concerning{touching} prominent aspects of safety
SSP the Program of self-training
SVA the Index of inclusion and fuel consumption
SVM Steering{Control} of versions ON
SWA Washers of headlights

TACS the Communication system with service of technical support
TAD External technical service
TCC Trade Care Center
Support of marketing actions by the manufacturer
TD Telepreliminary treatment
TDI the Diesel engine with forced aspiration and direct injection of fuel
TOG the Temperature detector of an oil
TPL the Decision of technical problems
HST, the problems, known to the manufacturer, their decision and arguments for clients...
TPL Archiv Archive of decisions of technical problems
TSC Technical service-center
TSZ the Transistor ignition system
TVS Steering{Control} of sending of spare parts

VAG the created word Is artificial
Has no certain independent{do-it-yourself} value
VAS the Name of type of system devices Volkswagen AUDI
VAUDIS Volkswagen/Audi Disk System
VAWS System Volkswagen Audi for service shop
Regular introduction of key process of service and support of all components of process, proceeding from planning terms
VCS VAG Computer Service
Vesis Electronic information system Volkswagen on service
VK Selling of services of service
VS the Settlement rate of нормо-hour
VVD Insurance service Volkswagen
VZ the Center of sales

WFS the Anti-theft system
WIV Prolongation of an interval THAT
WK the Code of the service enterprise
WT the Table of inspection service

x-Time System of accounting of repair work

ZE the Time unit
ZSB In gathering

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